About BitcoinerX

BitcoinerX was launched in December 2018 by longtime friends and fellow crypto and blockchain enthusiasts Cynthia Turcotte and Jeff Francis. Both had previously worked for larger crypto news publications but eventually decided that they would rather build a news platform where they could write about blockchain and cryptocurrency in a way that they were truly passionate about.

Our goal is to bring you the crypto and blockchain news that you need to know in a timely and unbiased fashion, with no misleading content and no obstructive advertising.

Meet the BitcoinerX Team

Cynthia Turcotte - CEO and Co-Founder of BitcoinerX

Cynthia Turcotte
CEO & Co-Founder


Cynthia is a self-described ‘Jill of all trades’ and a 20+ year veteran in both the web development and SEO industries. Her interest in technology began the day she got her first computer – an Atari 1200 XL – and only grew stronger as time went on. When other kids were going to summer camp, she was going to computer camp.

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In 2014, Cynthia stumbled across an article about Bitcoin and quickly plunged headlong down the rabbit hole. A few short years later, she is a well-respected writer on various blockchain and cryptocurrency related topics. Passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and eager to promote their adoption, Cynthia previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of, and writer for, Bitcoinist and, later, as CEO of its sister site, Live Bitcoin News.

Cynthia is an avid gamer and, when not immersed in the latest breaking crypto news story, often spends her spare time playing old-school tabletop RPGs. She lives in Florida with her husband, two sons, and the most scaredy-cat dog on the planet.

Jeff Francis - Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief at BitcoinerX

Jeff Francis
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jeff has definitely taken a roundabout way to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of BitcoinerX. He has always had a huge interest in history, which led to him receiving a degree in medieval history. At one point he actually thought of becoming a teacher but eventually joined some friends in opening a hobby shop.

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Jeff eventually took over sole proprietorship of the business and ran it for over 10 years. He then moved on to online selling and then into gaming journalism. He has spent the last 10 years writing professionally for various websites as well as creating content for many businesses.

A few years back, he began hearing about Bitcoin and the rise of other cryptocurrencies. A proponent of allowing people to take economic power into their own hands, Jeff has enthusiastically supported cryptocurrencies, not to mention the many benefits of blockchain technology. This interest propelled Jeff to becoming a writer for, and later editor of, several cryptocurrency-focused websites. His goal with BitcoinerX is to provide timely news and analysis in an entertaining manner.

Jeff is a lifelong geek and gamer. He tries to keep up with the slew of TV shows and movies that fall into the fantasy/sci-fi/superhero genres, and he still plays pen-and-paper role-playing games on the weekends. He lives in Florida, USA, as he cannot stand cold weather.

Michael Craig - Editor - BitcoinerX.com

Michael Craig

Preferring to work quietly in the background, Michael is our nighttime editor and resident hermit and Telegram lurker. He has only been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for about a year, but in that time, he has already worked at two well-known crypto news websites before throwing his lot in with BitcoinerX.

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When he isn’t busy editing or lurking, Michael enjoys both online and tabletop gaming.

Nikita Blows - Writer - BitcoinerX

Nikita Blows

Nikita has a real passion for disruptive technology and how it can, and will, change the world. When she’s not writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Nikita can be found spending time with her family or avoiding them by reading a good back. She also loves meeting new people so connect with her on LinkedIn!

Kuldeep Kaul - Writer - BitcoinerX

Kuldeep Kaul

Kuldeep is an IT industry veteran with over two decades of diverse experience. He spent 19+ years with multi-national IT firms in various functions including Software Quality Management, Software Project and Program Management and Software Process consulting and more than 5 years as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce sector.

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He currently serves as the COO for MARKNetwork, a Wyoming, US-based blockchain start-up. Writing is Kuldeep’s passion and one way he contributes towards spreading awareness about the benefits of the revolutionary technology.

Katherine Wang - Writer - BitcoinerX

Katherine Wang

With a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Katherine has had extensive experience in the financial markets – both as an analyst and trader. She specializes in algorithms and technical analysis of various securities, including stocks, forex, commodities and more recently cryptocurrencies.