Bitcoin Millionaire Plays Santa Claus by Giving Away Money


A young Chinese Bitcoin millionaire offered some Christmas cheer in Hong Kong by dropping money from a rooftop.

It goes without saying that gaining wealth offers a lot of benefits. One can take care of their family and not worry about where the next paycheck is coming from. Having wealth also allows a person to help others in need. This can be done by giving to charities, but a 24-year-old Bitcoin millionaire found a new way to help others and spread some early holiday cheer.

Christmas Comes Early Due to Bitcoin Millionaire

The person in question is Wong Ching-kit. He’s a young man who made a fortune during the massive Bitcoin bull run in late 2017. He goes by the moniker of Coin Young Master and runs the Epoch Cryptocurrency Facebook page, which is used for various crypto promotions.

Wong Ching-kit decided to play Santa Claus and give away free money in a Hong Kong neighborhood. He went to the top of a building and began throwing HK $100 bills down to the street below. While doing so, he shouted:

Today, December 15, is FCC’s big day in announcing the trading race. I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event …[I] don’t know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky.

Needless to say, his actions caused pedestrians to go into a frenzy as they went for the cash. The police became involved and reportedly recovered about HK $5,000.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

However, Wong Ching-kit wasn’t done yet with this goal of spreading some holiday cheer. After the initial stunt, he announced that he would show up in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood to give away restaurant meal coupons to the elderly the following day.

He drove his Lamborghini to the neighborhood, where he was met by a number of people who had found out about his giveaway. He then proceeded to hand out HK $500 bills, which caused another scramble.

At this point, police arrived on the scene and arrested Wong Ching-kit. Law enforcement maintains that his actions were a threat to public safety. The police also said that it is illegal for the public to pick up money from the street in such a manner and that any money picked up should be turned in.

Wong Ching-kit livestreamed his arrest using his phone, which prompted police officers to repeatedly tell him to stop doing so. His car was searched and then he was taken back to his apartment, which was searched as well.

According to a lawyer, Wong Ching-kit could be found guilty of provoking a breach of the peace by giving out money in the manner that he used. He could be found guilty of “disorder in public places” and face penalties of up to 12 months in prison and a maximum fine of HK $5,000.

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Images courtesy of Facebook/@Epoch Cryptocurrency, Pixabay, and Twitter/@_blockandchain_


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