Gaming Pays Off! 20 Bitcoin Donation Given to Twitch Streamer


A Twitch streamer, Sick Nerd, know for playing Old School RuneScape, was given a 20 Bitcoin donation during a recent stream.

Since video games first burst upon the scene in the 1970s, every gamer has dreamed of being able to make a living by playing such games. Such hopes were often dashed by mothers demanding the players get off their butts and take out the trash or clean their rooms. However, such is no longer the case with professional eSports and online streaming channels. One gamer netted a hefty haul when he received a 20 Bitcoin (BTC) donation during a recent livestream.

Gamer Blown Away by 20 Bitcoin Donation

This massive gift occurred during a livestream by Sick Nerd, an online gamer who plays Old School RuneScape. For those not knowledgeable about online games, RuneScape has long been one of the biggest mmo games on the market. Old School RuneScape is a different version of the current game as it is a throwback to the original classic released back in 2001.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Sick Nerd was blown away when he received an initial donation of 4 BTC, worth over $14,000. As he expressed his excitement and wondering if the gift was real, his channel’s chat blew up as viewers responded to the anonymous donor’s largesse.

This was followed by another Bitcoin donation that bumped the total to 11 BTC. Eventually, the total amount given by the donor reached a staggering 20 BTC, worth roughly $73,000. Sick Nerd took to Twitter to thank the donor and express that the donation is a “life changing amount” for him.

Gaming and Crypto

The donation was possible in that Streamlabs integrated support for Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the United States. In addition, many gamers have cryptocurrency wallets that fans can donate to.

The worlds of online gaming and crypto are definitely coming together. First, most gamers are young, which means that they’re far more accepting of virtual currencies. They’re quite familiar with using the specialized in-game currency for transactions, which is a good primer for getting people comfortable with using alternative currency methods.

Plus, more games are being released that are based upon the blockchain. The days of just being able to mess around with CryptoKitties are behind us. Both the TRON and Ethereum blockchains have seen quite a few games launching or being announced over the last few months. Hopefully, more online games will also begin accepting cryptocurrency as a viable payment option. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the insanely popular Fortnite was accepting Monero in their merchandise shop, but it turned out that the inclusion of the crypto was a mistake.

Still, online gaming and cryptocurrency are likely to continue merging over the next few years. Their most ardent users are young people who embrace what the latest technology is offering.

What would you do if you got a 20 Bitcoin donation? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Twitter/@Sick_Nerd, Twitch/@Sick_Nerd, Vimeo/@SpacePirate Games, and Pxhere.


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