Soulja Boy: Glory Days of Bitcoin Are Over, BTC a Gamble


Rapper Soulja Boy says that the glory days of Bitcoin are in the past and that investing in it now is a gamble.

It’s a fact that a person’s opinion can radically change due to a change in circumstances. There are also times when a person’s point of view can alter over time for no exact reason. For example, I hated bananas growing up but now love them. Tastes and opinions can change for a variety of reasons. For the cryptocurrency ecosystem, those who once decried virtual currencies as a scam may see the light and become enthusiastic supporters. Likewise, those who used to be bullish on Bitcoin may now look upon the world’s foremost cryptocurrency with a jaundiced eye. Such is the case with popular rapper Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy Once a Big BTC Fan

The popular rapper, who is actually 28-year-old DeAndre Cortez Way, burst onto the music scene back in 2007 when his “Crank That” song was used in the Entourage TV show.

It was not too long ago that Soulja Boy was singing the virtues of Bitcoin. He released a track called “Bitcoin” that crowed about the money that he had made buying BTC cheap before it began its massive bull run late in 2017. The chorus of the song goes:

I made 100 racks off of Bitcoin (off of Bitcoin)
You can catch me trapping with the Bitcoin (Bitcoin)
You can catch me running up the Bitcoin (yeah)
I spent 6,000 on the Bitcoin
Bitcoin, Bitcoin, I got big coins, big coins (yeah)
Big coins, I got big coins (big coins)
I spent 6,000 on a Bitcoin (yeah)
I made 100 racks off of Bitcoin

It seems Soulja Boy was stoked that he bought Bitcoin for $6,000 and was able to parlay that investment to a whole lot more. He says he made a ton of cash, and it’s interesting that he even mentions Litecoin in the song.

Now Says BTC Glory Days Over

It seems that the shine off the number one cryptocurrency has faded for Soulja Boy. In a recent interview with Cheddar, he is far more downbeat when it comes to cryptocurrency.


He says that the best days for Bitcoin are now in the past. It seems that the bearish market of 2018 has dampened his enthusiasm as he can no longer depend upon BTC multiplying in value several times over within a short period of time.

He goes on to say:

It’s a gamble. You’re not going to get the same returns as you would if you had gotten in on it early because it became mainstream and everybody know about Bitcoin now.

However, don’t shed a tear for Soulja Boy. He made his money off of BTC, and he’s now interested in eSports (especially Fortnite) and legalized marijuana. He’s also become staid in his investments, preferring to buy and sell stocks using the Robinhood app.

Do you think the glory days of Bitcoin are over? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of YouTube/@Soulja Boy, Pexels, and Flickr/@EmilzArts!.


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