Gamers are Cashing in On These 14 Ethereum Blockchain Based Games

Gamers are Cashing in On These 14 NFT Blockchain Based Games

In a recent blog post, Consensys Media discussed how Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain are revolutionizing the online-gaming industry. One way that they do this is by enabling gamers to monetize their gameplay.

Non-Fungible Tokens – Helping Gamers Make Bank on the Blockchain

So what is a non-fungible token (NFT)? To answer that, we need to first understand what a fungible token is. Ethereum is a good example of a fungible token – an asset that is equal in value to its counterpart. That’s a fancy way of saying that an ETH is an ETH is an ETH.

A non-fungible asset, on the other hand, is not necessarily equal in value to its counterpart. Take baseball cards, for example. Let’s say you want to trade your 1987 Topps Jose Canseco (est. value: $33) for my 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle (est. value: $400k+) – it’s not gonna happen.

Why not? Because while they are both baseball cards, one is significantly more valuable than the other.

In blockchain-based games, NFTs can be anything from a trading card to a character to items for that character. The form that the tokens take is limited only by the game developer’s imagination. Players can monetize their gameplay by selling their tokenized assets on in-game marketplaces and third-party platforms.

So how much can you earn?

Well, I wouldn’t quit your day job if I were you, but if you enjoy gaming and have some spare time to kill, you can make a fair bit of coin. One Consensys staffer recently made over $600 in just three hours.

Collectible and Trading Games

Collectible and Trading Games

Most blockchain-based games are collectible and trading type games where players collect, buy, sell, and trade digital assets on the blockchain. These games are usually Ethereum blockchain-based, but games on other networks – TRON, for example – also exist.

1. Etheremon

Etheremon is a 2D world of cute and fuzzy creatures called Etheremons (‘Mons’). Players capture, train, and trade their Mons, which can evolve and be leveled up by battling other players’ Mons.

How you can make money: Etheremon offers two ways to earn. The first is to train your Mons (digital critters) and sell or rent them on the marketplace. The second way is to mine the game’s in-game cryptocurrency (EMONT) as you play the game. You can use EMONT in-game or trade it for Ether.

Click here to play Etheremon »

2. CryptoKitties

The one that started it all. CryptoKitties is the original NFT blockchain game, so naturally, it is on this list. In this game, you can buy, breed, trade, and sell digital kitties for fun and profit!

How you can make money: You can sell or “Sire” your CryptoKitties on the marketplace for ETH. “Sire” basically means renting out your CryptoKitty so that it can breed with another player’s CryptoKitty.

Click here to play CryptoKitties »

3. Plasma Bears

Developed by the same folks who brought us Neon District, Plasma Bears lets players build, trade, and sell digital bears. You can also adventure and discover valuable and tradeable upgrades for your bears. Think of it as a bionic Build-a-Bear!

How you can make money: You can sell your completed bears or individual bear parts.

Click here to play Plasma Bears »

4. 0x Universe

Remember the old Trade Wars BBS game? 0x Universe is sort of like that, but with better graphics and an added ‘colonize planets to conquer the universe’ element. In addition to that, players can build spaceships and explore the galaxy.

How you can make money: You can sell your planets’ resources or sell the planets themselves for ETH.

Click here to play 0x Universe »

Battle Games

Battle Games

These NFT blockchain games keep the basic elements of collecting and trading digital assets but add the ability to battle other players.

5. Chibi Fighters

In Chibi Fighters, players create their own digital warriors and explore the Chibi world by adventuring and battling in both PvE and PvP scenarios to level up, find loot, earn gems, and more. With over 6 billion animated Chibi combinations possible, you’re going to want to create more than one!

How you can make money: There are several ways to earn in this game. You can sell your Chibi warriors and excess loot for ETH but you can also earn gems in-game that you can swap for a share of the game’s ether pool.

Click here to play Chibi Fighters »

6. Hyper Dragons

Are dragons your thing? Hyper Dragons lets you collect, breed, and trade your very own digital dragons. You can also fight other players’ dragons in an arena setting, mine Hyper Dragon’s in-game cryptocurrency (DST), grind for resources, and attack other players’ castles (and defend your own!).

How you can make money: Like CryptoKitties, you can sell or “Sire” (rent out for breeding purposes) your dragons. You can also earn ETH by combating other players in the Arena, by mining DST tokens, selling resources, and by wagering on arena battles in the game’s prediction market.

Click here to play Hyper Dragons »

7. MyCryptoHeroes (MCH)

MCH lets you collect and train historical figures and go on quests to defeat enemies and discover new “extensions” (weapons, armor, and other items) to upgrade your heroes. You can also battle other players in Duels and Knight Battles.

How you can make money: MCH is different than the other games on this list in that you can’t directly sell your heroes within the platform. Yes, you can trade them for GUM (MCH’s in-game currency that isn’t actually a cryptocurrency) but to earn any real-world profit, you can sell them on digital asset marketplaces like OpenSea and Rare Bits.

Click here to play MyCryptoHeroes »

8. Axie Infinity

Players of this game can collect, raise, breed, and battle unique digital fantasy critters called Axie. Think of Axies as virtual pets that you can pit against other players’ pets. You can also mine for resources, purchase and develop tokenized plots of land within the game world, and more.

How you can make money: You can sell your Axies in the marketplace or “Sire” them out in the Mating Club.

Click here to play Axie Infinity »

9. Gods Unchained

If you’re a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you’re going to love this. Gods Unchained is a digital card trading game where players collect and trade cards to form decks, which they use to compete against other players in tournaments.

How you can make money: You can sell your cards on third-party platforms like OpenSea and Rare Bits and you can compete in tournaments for a chance to win real cash prizes. The Gods Unchained World Championship has a prize pool of $100k + 10% of all card pack sales!

Click here to play Gods Unchained »

10. Blockchain Cuties

Another collectible critter game, Blockchain Cuties lets you collect, breed, outfit, battle, and level up cute little digital puppies, kitties, lizards, and other creatures (real and fantasy alike). It features a competitive multiplayer mode with roll-the-dice battles in different geographical locations within the game.

How you can make money: You can sell your Cuties on the in-game marketplace or third-party platforms for ETH.

Click here to play Blockchain Cuties »

11. World of Ether

Collect, breed, and pit digital creatures called Etherians against those of other players in this collectible critter game. If you’re lucky, you’ll hatch a unique Etherian and become the “discoverer” of that species, which comes with in-game and outside-the-game perks!

How you can earn money: You can sell your Etherians on the in-game marketplace and, if you happen to be the first to hatch a new species, they will pay you a bounty – anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars – for discovering it! Discovery rewards period ends on May 1, 2019.

Click here to play World of Ether »

Other Games

Other Games

These are still predominantly collectible and trading games, but each one has additional elements and features that set it apart.

12. Decentraland

Decentraland is a VR-based world reminiscent of Second Life with elements of Minecraft. Users can purchase digital parcels of land, which they can then develop and build upon, creating virtual experiences – casinos, shops, clubs, etc… – that other users can explore and interact with.

How you can earn money: Decentraland offers several ways to earn money. You can sell or rent your land parcels on the in-game marketplace, create experiences on your land parcels and charge for entry, and providing in-world products and services. The in-game currency is MANA, which can be traded on most major exchanges.

Click here to play Decentraland »

13. CryptoAssault

CryptoAssault is a combat based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game where players build and command armies, capture other players’ territories, mine resources, form alliances, and battle opponents.

How you can earn money: You can sell your assault units (tanks, aircraft, etc…) on the in-game marketplace or on third-party platforms like OpenSea. In addition, you can earn daily ETH rewards based on the territories you control.

Click here to play CryptoAssault »

14. CryptoBaseball

Part fantasy sports and part collectible trading card game, CryptoBaseball lets players collect digital bobbleheads that represent real baseball players, assemble teams, and earn rewards based on player and team performance.

How you can earn money: You can sell your players for ETH on the in-game marketplace or on third-party platforms like OpenSea and Rare Bits.

Click here to play CryptoBaseball »

What do you think of the games in this list? Are there any others that you would recommend? Sound off in the comments below!

Images courtesy of iStockPhoto, Etheremon, Chibi Fighters, Decentraland


  1. Some other games you play directly for money. Incremental games especially. In Snail farm you build snails and sell their eggs for eth.


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