Bitcoin Murder Plot Foiled by FBI


An Oakland, California man was arrested by the FBI for a Bitcoin murder plot where he tried to obtain a deadly chemical using BTC to kill his wife.

One of the knocks against Bitcoin that nocoiners often use is that virtual currencies are commonly used for illegal activities. Of course, the reality is far different as the vast majority of BTC transactions are completely legitimate. (When trotting out this FUD, nocoiners completely ignore the fact that fiat is the currency of choice for illegal things on a regular basis.) That being said, there are times when people attempt to use cryptocurrency to hide their tracks when doing something bad. Such is the case of a 41-year-old man who hatched a Bitcoin murder plot that was foiled by the FBI.

Bitcoin Murder Plot Carried Out on the Dark Web

The man in question is Sandford Bemi Faison from Oakland, California. He hatched a plan to murder his wife by using a hazardous chemical.

Dark Web

First, he asked in an online forum about how to get his hands on getting the chemical. He then tried to buy the chemical on the dark web. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for his wife), the vendor he was talking to was an undercover FBI agent.

This is the message he sent to the FBI agent (and which will be used against him in his trial):

I aim to ensure my wife’s death within the 18 months, ideally long after our divorce is finalized (about 6-8 months from now). This is the only way i can begin a new life with full custody of my child. We currently live together, and i expect to have (easy) access to her environment and food for another 2 months at least.

Trouble with His Bitcoin Wallet

Faison then attempted to purchase the chemical from the FBI agent, but he had some difficulty at first setting up his crypto wallet. He wrote:

Newly joined but committed buyer here; figuring out how to fund my wallet, now.

A man tried to buy a toxic chemical on the dark web to murder his wife.

He then added:

Thought to connect amd (sic) make a few^ inquiries before ordering. How many vials of [toxic chemical] do you have left? Is the packaging inconspicuous, or do you use hazard labels?

Faison asked the undercover agent to mail the package to a nearby adult store. The FBI bugged the package and raided his home an hour later when he opened the package.

He has been charged with attempting to acquire a chemical weapon, but it’s safe to assume additional charges will be filed. Faison and his wife had been married for 8 years and have 2 children. Police note that they have a history of domestic disputes.

Obviously, Faison did not know anything about Bitcoin except that he thought he could use it to anonymously buy the toxic chemical he needed to murder his wife. Law enforcement has testified before Congress that BTC is a poor choice for criminals to cover their tracks as the transactions remain on the blockchain and can be tracked. Knowledgeable criminals have been turning to privacy-focused coins, such as Monero, instead.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay.


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