Child Abuse Pictures Found on Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Blockchain


Someone has added images of child abuse to the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain due to the new larger block sizes.

The bitter Bitcoin Cash wars may be over, but there is still some drama going on in one of the forked blockchains. Recently, some disturbing (and illegal) images of child abuse were found on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain. These images were apparently uploaded via a payment processor.

Block Size Increase Leads to Unforeseen Trouble

The BSV fork from Bitcoin Cash upped the block size limit to 128MB, allowing for far more data to be embedded within the data ledger. This increased transaction size means that audio, images, and video could be stored on the blockchain.

Some pervert uploaded child abuse pictures onto the BSV blockchain.

Now some scumbag has taken advantage of this feature to upload disgusting images of child abuse. These images were uploaded via the Money Button payment app, and needless to say, they’re not happy about it.

A spokesman for Money Button told Hard Fork:

[The website] contacted us suspecting that Money Button may have been used to write the data, since Money Button is a very convenient/easy tool to write data to the [BSV] blockchain. Sure enough – we checked our database and this criminal did in fact use Money Button.

Almost certainly, whoever posted this was trying to prove a point about inserting something illegal into the blockchain, since that content can never be removed.

Fighting Back

The company that oversees the BSV cryptocurrency, nChain, is doing what they can to fight back and stop such abuses of the blockchain. The company’s founder, Jimmy Nguyen, says they have “zero tolerance” for such illegal actions, telling the BBC:

The Bitcoin SV blockchain is not a place for criminal activity – and if you use it for illegal purposes, you will leave a digitally signed evidence trail that cannot be erased. We stand ready to work with global law enforcement authorities to stamp out this and any other illegal misuse of Bitcoin.

Hopefully, police will track down and arrest those responsible for posting child abuse pictures.

Police are investigating the posting of the child abuse pictures, and Money Button has banned the scumbag that uploaded them. The platform is also instituting filters to detect illegal content being uploaded to the BSV blockchain.

Sadly, other blockchains are susceptible to such illicit actions as well. The one silver lining is that the information concerning such transactions is embedded in the digital ledger, allowing law enforcement an evidence trail to follow.

The dark side of technology is that criminals and deviants will always look for ways to push the envelope as far as it can possibly go. Blockchain is not alone in this regard. The internet changed the world by allowing instant communication and interaction, but perverts took this technological marvel and used it to share horrific images and videos with one another. Hopefully, safeguards can be developed and put into place to combat such degradation.

What do you think about child abuse photos being embedded in the BSV blockchain? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay.


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