Muusic Coin: The Music Industry’s Alternative Ecosystem that Encourages the Empowerment of Creators

Muusic Coin: The Music Industry's Alternative Ecosystem that Encourages the Empowerment of Creators

Who has not put some time on the internet radio? Practically everyone at some time and there are even those who listen to it daily. Similarly, who has not downloaded music also from the internet? Nowadays it is a common practice. Our way of life evolves continuously and with it, our habits change; generally, in favor of adapting as best as possible to our environment.

This entails changes in our desires, needs, and routines. It is well known that music has been accompanying us for thousands of years; with it, a multi-billion dollar industry hungry for content has evolved.

In 2018, we could see a bloody battle for copyright and intellectual property taking place. That is why content creators, professional and amateur artists, emerging music groups, dj’s, etc… all face the same pitfalls. Whether via streaming, online radio, or digital download, the challenge of ensuring fair and equitable empowerment of the artist and content creator is evident.

While platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have made it easier to open a window to the world for each user, the difficulty of the ecosystem distributing equitable empowerment and redirecting it towards the creators by itself remains problematic.

This is where decentralized communities such as Muusic Coin and its social page come in.

What Does the Ecosystem Proposed by Muusic Coin Propose?

Due to the predatory nature of the markets, the machinery works 24 hours a day 7 times a week in order to maximize the benefits. However, it seems that in recent years such machinery has not greased as it should to those who create the final products. The continuous discontent has manifested itself in emerging initiatives. Muusic Coin offers a complete decentralized ecosystem via the blockchain and offers the power of master nodes and new digital technologies for the empowerment of music content creators.

The reactions of the communities of musicians and artists have not stopped in recent years; Projects such as the one mentioned today favor these initiatives, providing the necessary tools. The Muusic Platform aims to change this balance; the intention is to achieve it through a system of rewards. Ensuring that all content is rewarded.

To this is added a general model, said model aims to guarantee 75% of any additional income generated to the creators. To know both models in maximum detail, we recommend reading our white paper carefully.

Another crucial element of the Muusic Coin ecosystem is the online station This not only gives the platform a solid musical foundation, but also allows the platform to be compatible with established and successful artists, as well as emerging artists and talents.

The Muusic.Fm Radio Station Is Active and Is Part of the Muusic Coin Ecosystem

To understand how the whole proposed ecosystem was born, one must go back to the beginning. The team behind the project created the Muusic cryptocurrency concept to unite the platform with blockchain technology.

With ambitious purpose, the team has created the Muusic platform that we present today. A project like Muusic Coin deserves a quality web station, for which the already consolidated station is part of the proposed ecosystem.

The online radio station was founded almost two years ago by Muusic Coin CEO Paul Cartwright, a well-known figure in music media. Since then, the concept of global radio has been practiced in until the days that take place.

Although there are other blockchain projects focused on the music industry, many of these have struggled to take off and establish themselves within the world of music. The Muusic platform is ideally positioned with a solid foundation within the music industry with important contacts and collaborations. has passed the initial stage of development and has evolved into an entire ecosystem of associations, interviews, special collaborations, sessions of reputed Dj’s – a whole network oriented to art that captivates our ears. The usual relationship with leading producers proposes good expectations around the Muusic ecosystem, aimed at promoting fair empowerment in the sector.

International Relations Prior to ICO Launch Helps Ensure the Success of the Ecosystem

The music industry has many aspects of business and Muusic is well positioned for all of them. Caring for close and important relationships in the industry can achieve high-level collaborations; This requires a work of social engineering and modern and successful initiatives. From the most recreational business such as clubs in which DJ’s are the “alma mater” of the party to radio stations, everything is part of the global ecosystem that surrounds music.

Important collaborations with world-renowned DJs and a whole program of bonuses await the kick-off after the ICO while they cultivate their musical profiles and portfolios in The Muusic website states:

Establishing solid relationships within the music industry is key to a successful music-based blockchain project. The Muusic project is the blockchain project based on the most advanced music in this regard.

With links to DJs, producers and record labels around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain and Italy, The Muusic Project has a strong presence within the music industry.

Muusic Coin Specifications

As for the cryptocurrency, the chosen name is Muusic Coin (MUU). It can be purchased at a price of $ 0.25 buying 10 (10 Muusic = 2.5 $). The cryptocurrency will form an integral part of the ecosystem, adapted to the needs of the community, that will help exchange value between users in addition to a whole series of purchase and sale options within the platform.

In reference to the type of mining, the one chosen for Muusic Coin (MUU) has opted for a hybrid model of consensus mechanism. This hybrid mechanism consists of a mining model through proof of participation (proof of stake – PoS).

In this process there will be two ways to participate, through Wallet (PoS) keeping accumulated a number of coins in a wallet always on; and through Master Nodes (MasterNodes); Said models or mining modes will be rewarded with a 70% proportion for the wallets (PoS) and 30% for the Master Nodes.

The block confirmation time will be one minute, and a total final emission of 320 million MUU. The calculations provided by the team indicate a reward per block of 20 MUU; assuming a total daily reward of 28,800 MUU coins distributed between the holders of master nodes and the “stakers”.

We emphasize that a collateral investment deposited in the 5,000 MUU Master Node will be needed.

For more information about the Muusic Coin project please visit

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